Unique Blogger Award

AYYYOOOOO so someone nominated me for an award??? Whaaaaaaaat?! The lil cutie I have to thank for this is Eni from Eni’s Struggling Student Survival Guide! You’re the sweetest, thank you, xx. As a new blogger this is the first award I’ve gotten, and I was STOKED when I found out.


The Unique Blogger Award is about getting to know other bloggers and about celebrating everyone’s uniqueness, so lessgo! Here’s the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, don’t be a dick pls.
  2. Answer all the questions you were left.
  3. Nominate 5-10 people and let them know (I’d suggest contacting each of them individually, or at least commenting on their most recent post otherwise they probably won’t know).
  4. Set questions for your nominees to answer!

So first off, to answer the questions Eni gave me!

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

One night after watching Footloose (2011) for the first time, I was pissed off about the message the movie was unknowingly and subtly giving off. I typed a longgg note about it on my phone, and remember thinking ‘This some Tumblr type shit’. Proud of lpatopwhat I wrote, I started a blog a few days later with the intentions posting my thoughts for the world to read, as I realized I do have MANY. Eventually, I forgot about the blog and it sat incomplete for months. After school ended and I moved, I had A LOT of downtime, so I went back to it. I posted that note I had written, and it ended up becoming my first blog post, Be In A Relationship With Yourself! After browsing around, I discovered there are some AMAZING people on this site, and while that initial note about Footloose was what made me start a blog, what got me to stay was the realization that I wanted to be friends with those people! I wanted online friends I could type all my thoughts out to, ones who would understand my jumbled mind. Sadly, I have yet to find any, but I’m here to talk! I’m here to make friends! Hahahahahahcanyousensemydesperationhahaha.
(This was so long omg I am so sorry I doubt anyone even read the full thing)

2. What’s one thing that always makes you smile?

     Music and memories. Cheesy, I know. If I’m listening to that right song, earphones in, I can’t help but smile because it just feels so right. And when I think about past memories, mainly funny things that have happened with me and my closest friends, I can’t help but smile!
Side note: I have this weird habit thing where like if I’m mindlessy sitting there or doing something, and I think of one of those memories, a smile creeps across my face but I’ve been told it’s weird and I never realize, so I’m just standing there smiling into my bag like a creep while putting books away.

3. What are three of your favourite things and why? (Movies, food, clothes, songs, anything!)

Art, music, food.  I so badly wanna add sleep in there but there’s a frickin’ limit!
I’m very passionate about art, not just creating it but getting on a deeper level with it. I’ve always felt some type of connection with art and it is something that is a big part of who I am.
Music, because like I said earlier, it just makes me smile. I love discovering new music. It’s nearly like a drug, making you feel a way that nothing else can; It truly hearmakes me happy.
And food, because well, I fucking love to eat man. My latest craze has been MALAYSIAN FOOD. ♡♡♡

4. Are you excited or apprehensive about the future?

If I had to choose, I would say apprehensive. I used to be EXTREMELY apprehensive towards the future, but lately as I’ve changed and grown, I’m like 30% excited and 70% apprehensive. I guess I’m just curious to see where I’ll end up, and who I will be, but at the same time I LOVE who I am, and I love being young, and I’m worried that the future will only be worse, or will end up being a disappointment, because in reality we don’t really know if things will ever get better.

5. What are a couple blogs you really like right now? (I’m always looking for more haha!)

Suddenly I’m hitting a blank. I have plenty of blogs that I LOOOOVE but for some reason I can’t think of any on the spot. One blogger I enjoy is Mia from Crystals And Curls. I’m usually not interested in lifestyle type blogs, but I find myself ALWAYS stalking her! Her blog is so beautiful and she really puts effort into all her posts, and it most definitely shows! Another is Chloe over at Midnight Wanderer. She was one of the first few people I followed. She’s a sweetheart and her pictures are beautiful!

Okkk those was actually pretty fun to answer, because I love talking about myself lmao. Wish I could do more! Anyways, thank you thank you again to Eni for nominating me for this award! Below are the people I’ve nominated, and my questions. Hope you have fun with them, can’t wait to read your answers! xx

Nominees: Midnight Wanderer,  Crystals & Curls, That Weird Brown GirlLily VallSitting In The Clouds

1. What do you consider the craziest thing you’ve done?
2. Do you have/want any tattoos? If so, describe them!
3. What inspires you to keep blogging?
4. Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? Why?
5. What’s one memory you have that you will never forget?











7 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

  1. Yaaaay this was a great post 😂 I read the full thing and honestly strong relate!! And I’m super glad everyone’s so nice and rad and open to friendship haha 💃🏾 and I really feel you on the art music and food! I’m always a food lover but with art I never used to bother and I’m trying to change that cos art is bril


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